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Established in 2009 we are a family owned and operated business spread across 770 hectares of fertile land, primarily located in Donnybrook in the lower south west of Western Australia. Our focus is to provide quality agriculture service, livestock farming advice and products. We work with producers, hobby farmers and horticulturists to improve soil biology, plant nutrition & livestock health.

As farmers we believe food origin is important and consumers should know that story, we can only expect the nutrient value in our food from what we restore our soils with.

We stock a vast range of products to suit individual growing needs including mineral based fertiliser and microbes with varying levels of nutrients and trace minerals, forage seed and livestock feed solutions.

Paradise Enterprises Celebrating 10 years of paradise beef

Celebrating 10 years of Paradise Beef

paradise enterprises - paradise beef & livestock

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We look forward to hearing from you, please call us on 0448 202 581 or submit your enquiry with the form below;

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Gary Dimasi – 0448 202 581

Paradise Beef Feedlot Manager

Maicol Sparvoli – 0476 130 091

3115 Silipo Road,
Donnybrook WA 6239


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